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 Debt Recovery Looking for professional debt collection services?

Today, Indians are accumulating an astronomical amount of debt and a large chunk of it goes unpaid. Debts may include non-payment of a loan, unpaid credit card debt, mortgage or car loan. It is extremely important to use a professional collection agency who can collect money on your behalf in the most efficient manner. The involvement of a large collection agency puts a significant pressure on the debtor and he is more likely to pay than otherwise. Additionally you do not have to hire individuals on your own payroll which certainly results in large savings for you.
Collections What can we do?

After you provide information regarding the debt, we contact the debtor to pay the money using our proven demand letters. Request can be diplomatic or intensive based on the your preference.

The next step is to contact the debtor via phone and one of our collector will persuade the debtor to pay.

Depending on the amount of debt we might send a representative to the debtor's home with proof of debt and tell him to pay. The representative will explain the legal repercussions that may follow if the debt is not paid on time.
Debtor Final Step .. Courts

The case can eventually be assigned to a professional attorney and let the court enforce the law. Although fighting a debt in court can be fairly inconvenient for both the parties involved, sometimes there is no other choice left. Our expert staff of attorneys' can advice you whether or not it is advisable to take the matter to the courts. Often these legal cases are settled out of the course because length of final judgement can run into years.
How can I submit debtor information?

Using our online system, you can place accounts right from your office or from the comfort of your home. We also accept accounts using postal mail and fax. You can check the status of your accounts submitted online any time and even run collection performance report.
  We are looking for partners!

We are looking for partners from all over India. If you are an attorney or a collections expert, please email us your details at Kindly put "Reference:" in the subject line of your email.

We have 8 years of international experience in the debt collections industry and now want to expand our operations in India.

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